Skype vs. Personalized VoIP- What’s Best for You?

VoIP is a relative piece of new technology for most of us due to the prevalence of the handheld mobile phone and copper-based landlines that we’ve been using for the last 20 and 100 years, respectively. Many of us have used Skype to talk to friends and loved ones and hold one-on-one business meetings. That being said, it’s better to stick to a professional VoIP service than use Skype when looking to conduct business conversations for reasons we’ll take a look at shortly.


Skype may be a good idea in the beginning, but it can be notoriously unreliable, especially if you’re looking to hold conference calls or have at-length conversations with business partners. This is because the service is used by millions across the world, putting a strain on the service’s servers. By opting to go with a VoIP service such as Press8, you’ll get personalized voice packages that give you the bandwidth and related resources to carry out conversations without worrying about dropped calls or poor-quality reception.


Skype works by sending data packets from one computer to another. Professional VoIP services work in the same manner, but they have the added advantage of providing customers with dedicated portable phones that they can use wherever they are and whenever they want. Skype, however, is only available on certain phones and can be blocked in certain countries. If you travel often but want to keep in touch with your office, a VoIP phone such as this is a great idea.

Overall Cost

Using Skype for business purposes can be expensive in the long run because you’ll have to purchase blocks of minutes every time you’d like to make a call to a landline or mobile. On the other hand, VoIP services by Press8 will only require you to pay a flat monthly fee to make as many calls as you’d like. If your business needs you to make many calls over the course of the day, week or month, you’re much better off going off with professional business VoIP services over Skype.


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