Setting Up a Blog for Your Business

A great market tool is a blog. You can easily set up a blog within minutes. My suggestion is that you use as it is affiliated with Google. Due to the fact that is affiliated with Google you will naturally rank higher in search engines.

You will need to register to join a blog. Enter an e-mail address and password. Some sites may ask you for your first and last name.

Next you will need to choose a name for your blog. You may want to include the type of products you sell. For instance, if you sell books and your business name is Reading for Fun you may want to call it online Reading Books for Fun. When people are searching online for books, “books” is a popular keyword. This will help potential customers find you easier.

Start posting blogs. You want to write interesting information about your company. You want to help others with tips. You want to post photos on the blog to make it more interesting. You want to post the link to your website so that readers can easily click on it and possibly buy something from you. After all, they found your blog when typing in keywords. You do not want to try to hard sell your products. Readers will not come back to learn information and tips from you–in fact, you will drive people away if your blog just looks like an advertisement. You can post subtle hints about buying products from your business.

If you do not have time to blog you can have one of your employees post the blogs. Make sure in the beginning you read everything before it is posted. You may hire a professional online to do the blogging for you. Professionals know how to use certain keywords to get your blog to rank higher when your products/services are being searched.

Search online to hire a freelance blogger/writer or call the website phone number. If your company uses the VoIP phone system you are sure to have a clear conversation. If the professional blogger/writer needs to call you back he/she will never get a busy signal when your business uses the VoIP phone system. With all of this ease, you, an employee or a professional blogger/writer are sure to be blogging in no time.

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