Ring Ring Destiny is Calling

I just love that little dialog from the movie “Bolt”. The little hamster ironically named Rhino, gets his big chance to go on an adventure and fight evil with his favorite television hero, the naive dog Bolt who actually believes he is a real super hero. When The opportunity for Rhino to do something really big and save Bolt comes along he says to himself, “Ring, ring. Who is it? Destiny. I’ve been expecting your call.”

So cute, you can view it here.

 Ring Ring Destiny is Calling –  on Youtube

Meanwhile, your clients are expecting your call. Don’t disappoint them by calling or answering your small business phone with that antiquated phone service you are using. Just the other day I overheard a conversation where a lady was trying to call a serviceman to fix her dishwasher and got put on hold with a recorded message and music playing in the background. She looked impressed and told her daughter that this must be a successful company. What are your clients thinking when you put them on hold?

Why not try VoIP hosted PBX and get all the benefits that the big companies get with their phone service only without buying equipment and for a fraction of the cost?

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