Press8 Employees Volunteer for Livestrong

Press8 Telecom volunteered at the 2009 Livestrong-Austin bike challenge on October 22, 2009. They handed out over 500 packets to individuals and teams participating in the run/walk and the bike race the following weekend. It was a great experience. Livestrong is Press8 VoIP Telecom’s main charity. The team of 6 handed out packets and answered questions at the Austin Convention Center.

Austin raised more than any other city in the Livestrong Challenge fundraiser so far raising $98,000 over the course of the rally.

The other cities raised the following funds:

  • Seattle: $56,000
  • San Jose: $52,100
  • Philly: $62,400

In addition to this great fundraising boost for the LIVESTRONG Challenge, our participants raised awareness for the cause AND encouraged their friends and family to join them in the fight against cancer.

When you purchase a Press8 VoIP Phone System, you are helping our charities. We give back to the community by volunteering and via donations. Thank you for your support!


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