Press Release: Press8 Telecom Partners with Simple Texting


Press8 Telecom Partners with Simple Texting

Customers can now utilize SMS marketing for their businesses with their Press8 phone numbers.

 AUSTIN, TEXAS, April 2, 2024

Press8 Telecom, the VoIP provider for small and medium-sized businesses, has announced a new partnership with Simple Texting to offer business text messaging to customers. Based in Colorado, Simple Texting provides SMS marketing for companies that want to send text messages to their prospects, leads, and customers.

Press8 business customers can already send and receive individual text messages with customers. This partnership with Simple Texting will expand the capability of adding business text messaging to their VoIP service.

Business SMS has a much higher open rate. It also offers opportunities to contact potential customers and let your company stand out and be heard. Texting is a simple, effective way to augment your marketing that’s less likely to end up in the spam folder. With high opening and conversion rates, business text messaging is easy and cost-effective.

Tamara Field, CEO of Press8 Telecom, formally announced a partnership with Simple Texting, stating: “We are delighted to collaborate with Simple Texting in providing our clients with business texting solutions. The integration process is rapid and straightforward, and the range of features available to Press8 customers is superior to those offered by other providers.”

Business SMS texting allows small- and medium-sized businesses to put their messages in front of their customers where they are most likely to see them—on their phones. Quick and easy, texting has a high open rate and lets your customers see you quickly. Unlike email and other digital marketing, you don’t need any coding or development experience. When customers opt-in to text, your company can let them know about sales, offer coupon codes, product availability, and other important information.

Texting also helps with customer service. Customers can quickly get answers to questions and other help via text without waiting on hold or navigating your company’s automated assistant. Automated texts and template responses can answer frequently asked questions with an option to speak with a live agent if needed.

Reaching multiple numbers isn’t just for customers. When you need to reach your team quickly, Simple Texting’s service lets you immediately send a message to everyone.

Press8’s partnership with Simple Texting offers bulk texting and a premium VoIP business telephony service for everyday business communications.

For more information or a free quote for your business, visit their website at or call them at 800-349-VoIP(8647).

About Press8 Telecom

Based in Austin, Texas, Press8 has provided VoIP communications for small- and medium-sized businesses since 2006. The family-owned company works with clients worldwide to help companies improve their communications and grow their businesses. Focusing on cloud-based telecom, they offer a wide range of features and benefits to optimize telephony communications.

About Simple Texting

Based in Denver, Colorado, Simple Texting offers Business SMS for companies that want to extend their marketing reach to their customer’s phones.  Since 2011, Simple Texting has provided companies large and small with Business SMS service that is simple, easy, and cuts through the noise of everyday marketing for a wide range of industries.

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