How To Use Phone Numbers To Track Marketing Campaigns

Companies now use multiple marketing methods to bring in customers and increase sales. Even the best marketing campaigns need tracking to see which methodology works and which does not.

Conversion tracking, CRM, and KPI tracking are popular, as well as Google Analytics. One method that’s worked well for many years is using individual phone numbers to track the success of a marketing campaign. Incoming call records are vital to tracking campaign effectiveness. Using multiple phone numbers in marketing your company can simplify reporting and analysis.

How It Works

The basic premise is assigning individual and unique phone numbers to a specific product, geographic area, online ad, social media platform, or other delineating variables. The calls go straight to the number, and PBX reporting shows how many calls go directly to that number which somebody can use for analysis. Inbound callers speak to someone quickly and easily, without someone asking how they found the company. Customer service reps know the campaign immediately based on the number they call.

Different touchpoints can also have their phone numbers. Someone who calls your company from a mobile ad will use one phone number, while someone calling from a Google ad uses another. Use additional phone numbers for Facebook ads, emails, sponsored Pinterest pins, car signs, landing pages, etc. Once you launch the marketing campaign, it’s just a matter of watching and tracking which phone numbers are the most responsive. Each tracked call will tell you which campaign, keywords, platforms, and devices convert the most and the least. This information helps you adjust your marketing budget and campaigns accordingly.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

A DID number isn’t connected to a specific phone line, nor does it pass through a queue or menu. A DID number is routed through a company’s PBX system, then to a person without an individual line or a physical phone.

Callers who use the DID line are routed directly to a desk extension or a group of them through a trunk number. These are  also called “direct numbers” or “direct lines.” 

Anyone who has ever called a toll-free number in the US to get more information has experienced the DID number. They’re ideal for call centers, but nearly any business can use them for marketing. 

The company rents a block of numbers and assigns them to whatever variable they want. The company can scale its DID service up or down as needed during the holidays or other high-traffic seasons.

Using Phone Numbers For Marketing Campaigns

Phone numbers can track inbound marketing just like Google Analytics tracks web traffic. The advantage is that virtual phone numbers assigned to each channel show your marketing team which one generates the best leads and the most qualified. For instance, if social media ads produce better than print or other channels, you’ll know where to focus your marketing and scale back on different channels.

Telephone calls are still one of the best means for companies to connect with prospects, leads, and customers. Many companies utilize multiple mediums to market their services. Despite texting and chatbots, most customers still want to call and talk to someone about their product or service. A number will not only allow them to call your business, but it helps keep you and your company updated on campaign responses.

Knowing where a caller found your company’s information is vital to observing which campaigns work. Each number represents one variable, such as product line, marketing means, or geographic area. You can observe their location and the most successful keywords when people call without asking the caller where they found you.

The advantage is that phone numbers assigned to each channel show your marketing team which one generates the best leads and the most qualified.

Making It Local

If your company uses a VoIP phone system, you can obtain local telephone numbers from a particular city even if you don’t have a presence there. For instance, a company headquartered in Austin, TX, can purchase “local” numbers in other cities, such as:

  • Tulsa, OK
  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Memphis, TN
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Savannah, GA

The company answers the calls in Austin, but callers see and use a “local number” to make the calls. Tracking each number shows which callers are most interested and their location. If the Memphis number isn’t working as well as the others, the campaign may need updating, or there isn’t as much interest.

If your company uses a VoIP phone system, you can obtain local telephone numbers from a particular city even if you don’t have a presence there.

If you’ve seen an ad that tells the prospect to “mention this code when calling,” using a specific phone number works better. The caller doesn’t have to remember a code, making it easier for the customer service rep to answer. The agent knows immediately where the caller is from and can apply the appropriate discount.

Call tracking is also ideal for A/B testing. Call tracking online or offline makes A/B testing easier when assigning individual numbers to both test groups. Even fliers with different phone numbers make it simple for callers and your company to see which campaign works better. 

Why VoIP Is Ideal For Call Tracking

One of the best features of VoIP is the ability to lease DIDs (phone numbers) for any area code in the country for a low monthly price. An analog phone system can only use phone numbers (DIDs) within your area code. With VoIP, not only can you lease a phone number for any area code, but you can also add/drop numbers anytime you want. Are you starting a new campaign? Adding more numbers tracking is easy and cost-effective. 

VoIP phone system service also has features like call analytics and call histories that make it easy to see what numbers are responding best in your marketing campaigns. Call tracking software shows where the call originated, what number the caller used, how long the caller stayed on the line, and whether it resulted in a conversion (sale.) This information tells you which channels offer the best lead generation to avoid wasting money on unsuccessful methods.

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