Start the New Year Off Right – Small Business Tips

Many people start thinking about what to do in the New Year on December 26th. Between ads for exercise equipment and healthier…

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Is VoIP Worth It For A Small Business?

A small business has the advantage of being able to pivot when it’s time to make changes. A large enterprise-sized company takes…

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Holiday Voicemail Greetings

With the holidays in full swing, your holiday voicemail greeting message might be something that you need to create for the days…

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Get Your Phone System Ready for the Holidays

Once again, the holidays are here, and it’s time to get everything ready for the end of the year. Whether your company…

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Top VoIP Trends for Small Business

Making phone calls over the Internet with Voice over Internet Protocol has been a disruptor for over 20 years. VoIP continues to…

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Microsoft Teams for Small Business – Pros and Cons

Companies who work in or out of the office need a collaboration tool that lets teams work together wherever they are. They…

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Top VoIP Portable Phones

When most people think of office phones, the ubiquitous desk phone comes to mind. Unfortunately, a desk phone is only for when…

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Press8 Telecom Nominated for 2021 Family Business Awards by Austin Business Journal

Press Release Press8 Telecom is Nominated for Family Business Award Austin Business Journal nominates family-owned Press8 Telecom for the award. Austin, August…

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What Is A Call Queue And Why Does Your Business Need One?

When someone picks up the phone to call your business, they expect that they will receive good customer service. But if they…

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