More SMB’s are Adopting Unified Communications

A substantial amount of small and medium sized businesses have recently demonstrated an interest in a wide range of enterprise and communications solutions. These SMBs are adopting an array of technologies such as VoIP, conferencing solutions that support both audio and video, unified messaging. Many of these are actually combined under a unified communications solution, a system that integrates of real-time communication services with consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.

Many experts believe that SMBs and IT group share similar interests when it comes communication and collaboration, and UC solutions may actually cover many, if not all of their concerns.

Studies show that one third of SMBs and almost 75% of medium sized businesses utilize a unified communications solution. In addition to this, over thirty percent of SMBs and half of the medium-sized businesses surveyed are interested in adopting a unified communications solution.

A substantial interest in VoIP technology has been demonstrated by medium sized businesses, with over thirty percent of businesses revealing that they have adopted a VoIP solution. VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, allows users to make calls through a broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. With a Hosted PBX, the provider houses the PBX (Public Branch eXchange) and handles the technological needs and resources that the PBX system requires to function. The system’s IP phones plug into a router on the client’s premises, and the IP-PBX server housed by the provider handles the signaling, calls and features

Finally, many experts also believe that the recession has inspired a large number of small and medium sized businesses to restrict their travel and use virtual meeting alternatives where possible, resulting in a substantial adoption of conferencing technology.

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