Market Carefully When Using Social Media

Internet marketing is a great way to get your business noticed online. Most businessmen and business women use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of their Internet marketing plan. As great as Internet marketing is to boost your business, you need to use it safely.

For instance, if you share some of your personal life on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page, do not post any updates when you will be gone. No matter how excited you are at how much fun a party or vacation may be, when you post on any of these public sites it is like opening the front door to your home for criminals. You can easily share your fun when you are back home.

Another item to change on your Facebook page is your birth date. Do not post the entire birth date for all to see. If you do you may become the target and victim of identity theft. Simply check off “do not share birth date.”

Make sure you have a strong password on your Internet marketing pages. Use letters as well as numbers that are mixed up within the password.

If you are trying to make your business page look professional and friendly and you share family photos, make sure you do not put your child or children’s names in the caption. Many times, business owners will share personal photos to make their customers feel like the “know” them. Studies have shown that people will purchase items from their friends before they will purchase from someone they do not know at all.

With family photos you can also share which photos you want everyone to see and which photos you want only a few people to see. This is a great privacy control option and should be used when needed.

You can have extreme success with Internet marketing. By following the above mentioned tips, you can safely use social network sites.

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