Keep Your Customers Happy with Call Queues

If we lived in a perfect world, customers would always be able to call your business and talk directly with a helpful agent and have their problem resolved in a flash. Unfortunately, that is not always realistic. In the business world, call agents are frequently bombarded with a high volume of calls, especially during peak hours of the day, and it often becomes very difficult to immediately answer every forwarded call. However, now we have a solution to this problem, thanks to the innovation of call queues.

What is a Call Queue?

A call queue is an excellent tool for businesses to use to deliver great customer service. It allows company agents to answer multiple calls in the order in which they are received and build sophisticated call groups for speedy customer responses. One of the advantages that makes call queues so effective is that when a customer calls and all the agents are busy,  it prevents the caller from being immediately forwareded to voicemail, by playing music-on-hold from a broad selection of styles while the customer waits.

Call queus intelligently route calls to the agent in the queue who has had the least amount of time on the phone thereby not overloading just one agent. Moreover, in order to prevent callers from being put on hold for too long, a special feature known as “call waiting” signals agents that more callers are waiting so they should wrap up their current calls in a business-like fashion in order to assist the next caller.

Such features allow a call queue to be a very powerful tool to connect your callers with your business. Nevertheless, improper use of a call queue can result in excessive hold times and angry callers.

Here are some very important things to remember when using a call queue:

  • Avoid using a call queue to supplement for a lack of agents. Doing such will result in you wasting callers’ valuable time.
  • Remember to set up a call queue maximum hold time before sending the caller to voicemail. The extent of this time should be based on your business and your peak call volume.
  • When answering a call from a caller who has been waiting for a long time, be sensitive to their remaining level of patience and avoid unnecessarily placing them back on hold.
  • When using the “Announce Position to Callers” option, keep an eye on how deep your call queue runs during peak hours. This feature is most effective if it lets callers know they will be connected soon, and least effective if it informs a caller that  they are hopelessly far down in the queue.
  • Always give the callers the option of pressing a number to go directly to voicemail if they do not want to wait and remind them while they are on hold with a recorded message.

Call queues are perfect for customer support and sales departments, help desks, reservations and appointments, and so much more. Through the effective use of a call queue, companies can resolve customer problems as quickly as possible especially during high call volume.

With a call queue, you can definitely show your customers that their calls really do matter instead of simply saying that they matter.

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