How VoIP is Changing the Way Businesses Operate

If you aren’t aware of it already, VoIP is changing the way that businesses operate. Also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, this service utilizes your broadband connection to make a telephone call. The VoIP breakthrough now enables businesses to make cheaper phone calls. When combined with PBX service, a VoIP Hosted PBXenables a business to enjoy both efficiency and reduced costs.

The Best of Both Worlds

Hosted VoIP PBX implementations combine VoIP and PBX technology to keep business expenses at a minimum, as the service empowers business to utilize multiple sub-phone lines under one main line which allows these companies to cut back on monthly phone bills and also significantly reduce their operations and maintenance expenses. Finally, the equipment arrives on site pre-provisioned (pre-programmed) and the business gets up to speed with their new phone system quickly and easily.

Making the Transition

To make the switch to VoIP, a business simply puts together an estimate of how many extensions they think they will need and the features that they want. Then a VoIP service provider assesses the business’ broadband connection and completes an estimate for the service.

Why you should use a Hosted VoIP PBX

  • VoIP allows you to reduce your monthly phone bills as well as your operations and maintenance costs.
  • VoIP systems are flexible, allowing entrepreneurs to essentially design a custom phone plan that caters completely to their business.
  • VoIP has more features than your traditional phone system, including call centers, Interactive Voice Recognition, and Automatic Call Distribution for increased productivity and sales as well as reduced costs.
  • Your VoIP system grows with your business. With VoIP you never have to overbuy phone equipment or extensions.
  • Hosted VoIP systems are managed completely in the cloud. In fact, providers often ship their phone to clients pre-programmed. Users simply have to plug their new phones into their broadband connection.
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