How To Write a Press Release

Whether you are starting up a new business, you have a new product to offer, or a big sale you want to advertise with a press release. A press release will inform potential customers of what you want to advertise.  

To begin writing a press release use the well-known who, what, where, when, why and how. You want to list:

What-what is the news you want to share with your potential customers?

Why-why is this news to the public?

Where-where is the news happening?

Share the purpose of this news.

Name your business.

Create a title for your press release. The title should be clear and get straight to the point. Make sure that the title is attention getting as well. Make the reader want to read your press release.

The first sentence should be an attention grabber as well. You want to keep the reader interested in your press release. The following sentences should describe exactly what it is you want to say. All of this is accomplished in the first paragraph. Keep sentences easy to read, that is, do not use big words when simple to read words are able to be used. Do not use fancy words. Make it easy to read as journalists and potential customers do not have time to try to figure out what you are saying.

Try to word your press release as newsworthy. When doing so, your press release is more apt to get chosen by journalists.

The second paragraph should describe your business or company. Let people get to know who you are and what you do.

At the end of your press release do not forget to type your website address. Feel free to add more links that confirm your newsworthy press release.

Your press release should be three pages at a maximum.

Make sure you list contact information so the journalists and any type of media can contact you. With the VoIP phone system you can be rest assured that you will not lose any media or potential customers. There is always a line available so people will not hang up due to a busy signal. You will never drop a phone call. You and your customers will hear each other very clearly. The VoIP phone system is even cheaper than other phone systems. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. You will only gain confidence and customers.

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