How to Write a Letter of Resignation

If you are planning leaving your current job you will want to write a professional yet honest letter of resignation.

Whether you are leaving due to a better job offer, starting a family or you just did not care for the job, you need to write a letter of resignation.

Your letter of resignation should thank the employer. It is wise to state some things you have learned from the job or at least thank them for the opportunities they have given you.

State the date you will be leaving and when the resignation is effective.

Before you write your letter of resignation, make sure you tell the employer in person that you are leaving. You can tell him or her why you are leaving. If you are unable to speak to your employer in person, call or send a professional letter. When typing up your letter do not state anything negative about your boss(es), other employees, or anything negative. The reason for this is your letter of resignation is the first thing your previous employer will grab to look at when asked for a recommendation from a future employer.

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