How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

Social media sites are a wonderful way to gain customers and expand your business. You can do this by joining Facebook.

First you want to register and log-in to Facebook and create a password. You want to fill in personal information (but not too much information as you will be inviting strangers to become your personal friends and fans on the page.)

Make sure you have your website link, e-mail address and business phone number.

It helps to post photos of yourself in the avatar as well as in the photo section. Customers buy from people they feel they “know.”

Every few hours you want to post an update with regards to your business. On most of the updates include the link to your website. Start out with 3 or 4 updates per day. You may want to do 5 or 6 once you gain more followers. Just do not overdo the updates and risk losing friends.

Communicate with your friends. Leave comments on your friend’s pages and click the “like” button so they know you were reading their comments. This will help them to truly feel like your friend, thus helping you to create more sales.

Join groups that pertain to your business to help you get more friends a.k.a. more customers. Monday through Friday make sure you keep your page active. Next create a fan page where you invite all of your friends. Keep inviting fans that may have interest in your product or services.

Before you know it, you will have many friends and potential customers to help your business flourish.

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