How to Effectively Survey Your Customers

If you are a business owner, you understand how difficult it can be to attract new clients. It takes time, energy, and money to come out on top of the competition and win the fickle heart of a consumer.

Instead of focusing all of your resources on the procurement of new clients, why not work to ensure that you keep the clients you already have? To gain insight on how you are positioned in your current clients’ minds (and what you can do to keep their business), construct a short survey to gather information.

Using your Company Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook company page, which is separate from your personal profile? You should. Social media is the next huge wave of internet marketing, and now is the time to begin to build the social presence of your company. The top three social websites to check out are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

“Ask a Question” Tool in Facebook

Facebook has an option to “Ask a Question,” with which you post a multiple-choice question for your fans. The viewer chooses an answer and the results of the poll are shown. For a quick check on the pulse of your clientele, use the survey to ask “How satisfied with you with the service / product provided by (company name)?” The answer choices could be “very satisfied,” “satisfied,” “somewhat satisfied,” and “unsatisfied.”

Pop-up on your Website

Another way to conduct a survey is to program a web form to “pop up” when the client visits your website. Although pop up ads are entirely annoying, they are surprising effective. Use radio buttons or check boxes to make the survey user-friendly, while keeping the questions to five or fewer. Avoid adding music or sound effects to the pop up, as this may cause viewers to quickly close the form, leaving it unanswered.

Survey on your Website

An easy way to get information from your customers would be to put an un-abtrusive question on the side or bottom of your website. Having a link to the results is always nice too. You could have it show up only on pages that customers would visit like your FAQ, your online knowledgebase or help desk.

The ‘Like’ Button in Facebook

There are other ways, beside surveys and questionnaires, to know your clients. Social networks make it easy to find and contact other people, including your current list of clients. Use your Facebook company page to invite all of your internet-savvy clients to “like” you, and be sure to interact with them. Try to offer valuable information in your posts and messages, not just your latest sales pitch.

Online Customer Survey Tools

There are a lot of tools out there like Survey Monkey that make creating an email to send our to your customers to survey them easy. Some things to remember are: 1) always make the survey easy and quick – your customers are already being bothered and are taking their time out of their day to help you out, make it quick. 2) Don’t send out too many surveys – If you send out a survey each month, your customers will consider it SPAM. 3) After the survey is complete, send the results to your customers and thank them for their participation. You might even want to reward them for their participation with a gift card or a discount on services. Information is a valuable tool and since your customers are taking their time to help you get this information it only makes sense that they should be rewarded. 

Request Feedback

When you publish advertisements or other promotional material, or even when you send out invoices either via email or through the mail, include your contact information and solicit feedback. Constructive comments can help you see into the mind of your client, which is a good place to be if you want to inspire customer loyalty. Every email you send to your customers should have a link to a survey page asking for their feedback.

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