How To Create A Marketing Strategy Using AI

Is artificial intelligence something that could benefit your business? Or is it just another piece of science fiction that’s the current “flavor of the month?”

More than just a buzzword, AI can automate many of your business functions and tasks. From content marketing to accounting bookkeeping and payroll, artificial intelligence has the potential and the capability to take on multiple tasks and analyze them faster than humans. Rather than just adding AI to your existing technology, your business can implement AI to solve problems or handle repetitive accounting tasks.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It’s the art and science of creating machines that can perform mundane tasks that usually require human intelligence. AI systems simulate or replicate various aspects of human intelligence, such as perception, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, and decision-making through machine learning. What AI does not have is genuine human understanding and reasoning. AI still needs human oversight since the data in its programming limit it.

AI technology has been around for decades. But advanced machine learning and refinement have only existed for the last few years. The previous year’s deployment of ChatGPT brought the issue of AI in everyday life to the forefront. But the world has already been using AI in many forms. Companies like Amazon use AI and other technologies to offer suggestions to customers while analyzing their purchasing habits. Digital assistants such as Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Echo (“Alexa, tell me today’s weather forecast”) use AI to recognize voices and respond to their queries.

AI integration can speed up rote daily tasks like accounting, data analysis, and other repetitive work in a business setting. It also can create a marketing plan and strategy in minutes.

What AI Means For Your Marketing

AI can take the “heavy lifting” required for your marketing plan. Things that take hours or days to finish take just minutes with AI. From content creation, keyword, and KPI research to sales automation and conversion rate optimization, you can begin implementing your marketing plan immediately.

AI can also offer your customers a personalized experience tailored to their needs. From interactive voice response (IVR, also called “auto attendants”), when they call to email autoresponders and chatbots, customers can get the help they need faster without waiting. These tools can handle routine inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and collect valuable customer feedback while freeing your team’s time for more strategic tasks.


Who’s your target market? What’s the goal of your marketing plan? How much work will you need? Start with these four steps:

  • Evaluate your current marketing procedures
  • Find and recognize your marketing chokepoints
  • Seek out appropriate AI automation solutions for one or more facets of your plan
  • Begin implementing these solutions, including training, and grading

Some all-in-one AI marketing systems handle one primary function, such as AdCreative.AI for generating content or AI tools like Levity and Adverity that operate and analyze data.

While AI can deliver fast, accurate results, it also requires continual monitoring and optimization to get needed results.

The AI-Powered Marketing Plan Generator

Want an easier way to do things? Use a marketing plan generator that makes it easy to create one quickly. You can find paid and free versions online from:

The marketing plan is your starting point.

AI Marketing

Once you have your plan, you can implement each component. AI’s capabilities can help with different aspects of your marketing, including:

  • Content creation/copywriting for blogs, articles, web pages, social media posts, and more
  • Social media listening to learn what your customers are looking for and saying
  • Scheduling and sending out emails for marketing, including drip campaigns
  • Sifting through large amounts of data quickly to find insights and reach your customers when they need you with faster decision making
  • Implementing AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to enhance customer support and engagement to handle routine inquiries, provide personalized recommendations, and collect valuable customer feedback. This can help build stronger customer relationships with your company.
  • AI algorithms can automate A/B testing, ad placement, and bidding strategies to help identify the most effective marketing channels, refine messaging, and allocate resources efficiently to maximize ROI.
  • Implementing AI-powered analytics tools to monitor real-time data and track the performance of your marketing efforts to help identify emerging trends, adapt your strategies promptly, and make data-driven decisions in a dynamic market environment.

Although this can be overwhelming, start with one facet of marketing AI, such as content generation or automating repetitive tasks.

AI also allows for the continuous optimization of your marketing strategy. These AI-based analytics and feedback loops will measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and refine your marketing tactics over time.

Remember, while AI can enhance your marketing efforts, it’s essential to have a well-defined strategy, human oversight, and ongoing evaluation to ensure that AI-driven decisions align with your overall marketing goals and customer expectations.

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