How Cloud VoIP Keeps Mobile Workers Connected

At any given time, some of your employees may need to leave the office to carry out an errand or go see a client. Using their mobile phones to communicate is a no-no since it won’t look professional and may end up in them fielding calls during inappropriate times of the day. To remedy these issues, consider getting specialized VoIP mobile phones for your workforce.


  Can My Workers Just Use Their Own Mobile Phones Instead?  


You might be thinking: why do I need to purchase a mobile phone for my workers when I can just call them on their existing mobile? To begin with, personal mobile phones may have limitations such as the inability to handle large call volumes at the same time. This might end up in you losing out on valuable business because your clients can’t reach your representatives. A VoIP mobile phone, on the other hand, can help you streamline communications through the help of services such as virtual call waiting, voicemail transcription, customizable ringtones as well as pre-written messages and so much more. In fact, the other caller might not even realize that they are calling a mobile phone since the features of such devices rival traditional desktop phones.


  Dramatically Reduced Calling Costs  


Given the fact that VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice data, you won’t ever have to worry about your workers racking up a huge phone bill that will eat into your revenue and profits at the end of the month. Instead of paying for minutes, you pay a flat fee every month to be able to access VoIP services on your phone, making it possible for you to recoup the costs you incurred when you bought these devices.


  Personalized Phone Numbers  


Another great aspect of VoIP mobile telephony is the ability to get a personalized number that is similar to the numbers of the geographic location that the phone is being used in. If you have to send your workers out on international trips, you should consider getting them VoIP mobile phones since they can get a local number tied to their phone for the duration of their trip.


  Free Apps  


VoIP mobile phones also come with apps that let workers access extra functionality such as peer to peer calling, joining conference calls seamlessly, accessing company voicemail intuitively and voice to email. What’s even better is the fact that these apps are free, saving you money in the long run.




Mobile phones that can connect to the internet to make calls are quickly becoming the norm. In addition, they are able to streamline company communication without giving out worker numbers, giving your clients an impression of competence and professionalism.

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