Hiring an IT Consultant to Help You Switch to VoIP

Choosing the right VoIP phone system for your SMB (small-to-medium sized business) can be quite a challenge. This is due in part to the fact that VoIP systems are becoming more and more complex, and SMBs are expecting more from the phone systems that they adopt for their business.  As a result, many SMBs are turning to business phone consultants to help them choose the phone system that’s best for them.

Why Choose VoIP?

VoIP phone systems provide SMBs with a solution that empowers them with more features to run their business, all while helping them save money. A VoIP system only requires a broadband connection to operate. This minimal requirement allows SMBs to save on both their operations costs and their communications costs. SMBS can also save on their intercompany calls, their long distance calling, and by opting to go paperless with virtual faxing.

Why Work with a Consultant?

SMBs work with phone system consultants for a variety of reasons. First of all, using a consultant helps SMBs save money by switching to the best VoIP phone system for their particular situation. Second, SMBs are often interested in a particular new technology, and a consultant can usually provide information on that technology. SMBs are also often interested in doing more with their existing phone systems and networks in order to improve their network efficiency, business processes, and overall communication and collaboration, and a consultant can provide answers and solutions on all of these needs.

Most importantly, a consultant can offer SMBs an assessment on their particular phone needs, and help them select the phone system that will work best for them. A phone system consultant can also help SMBs choose the right business phone system vendor, and create proposal requests and assist with negotiations.

A phone system consultant can also participate in a phone systems network design and configuration if needed. More and more consultants are also assisting in system deployment and managing outsourced VoIP systems and phone networks.

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