Going Virtual Versus Working at an Office

If you are seriously contemplating turning your company into a virtual based company here is some helpful information. If you wonder if you can trust your employees to put in a full day’s work, you now can buy software to monitor them for you. Although studies have shown that employees with discipline actually work better at home (even if it is part-time), you may still question it.

One option is to sign up with an online company like oDesk that can help you monitor your telecommuters computer. This software will monitor your employees at home throughout their workday. This program will even log how many times their keystrokes as well as mouse clicks occur. The software even takes photos throughout the day of the employees computer screen. If an employee knows that this software is installed, this is a great motivator to stay on task.

Another great investment for a company is a VoIP hosted PBX. With a hosted PBX all hardware and software is maintained by the provider so you don’t have to worry about maintining it. And you’ll get all the features you need to not only look like a large company but to monitor your telecommuters. Features like: call reporting, call recording, and unllimited conference bridges can help you handle managing a telecommuting workforce.

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