Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

You know how many e-mails you get at your place of business so you know that your clients are getting overloaded with e-mail as well. You need to find ways to e-mail market your customers so your e-mails do not get deleted.

Keep Messages Short

A great tip to remember when e-mail marketing is to keep your messages short and to the point. Your e-mail will get read if you do not write a book. People do not have time to read long messages especially if you are trying to sell them something.

Keep the Marketing to a Minimum

Do not try to cram a lot of different specials regarding your products or services into one long e-mail. Send them information that they want and do not just advertise to them. You will overwhelm your clients who will end up deleting your e-mail and un-subscribing from your list.

Large Attachments are a NO-NO

Do not send huge images or files to your clients. You will definitely get deleted if your e-mail takes too long to download. And many people do not allow attachments to be sent to them. Or, they won’t open them for fear of a virus.

Target the Right People

Make sure that the people you are targeting will be interested in your products or services. Do not just send out spam to every person in your database. People will know if you did not do your homework. For example, if you sell baby products and people in their sixties, people without children, kid’s that are under 18 years old, etc., end up with your e-mail they will know that you just sent out a mass e-mailing which is basically spam to them.

Follow the above tips when e-mailing your clients and potential clients and you will be much more successful in your business.

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