How to Effectively Manage Your Meetings

Ready for 40% more sales, 40% more output and 40% more free time?

There is a quick fix for dramatically boosting your company’s productivity and revenues in an extremely short amount of time. One that will also free up your time to focus on growing your business or at least taking a well deserved breather.

What is the secret? Just kill the meetings?

It has been estimated that many employees spend up to 40% of their time in meetings. Worse, in internal meetings, not closing new business with customers.

In many small businesses meetings are just an inherited relics and are done simply because that is the way new entrepreneurs worked at their last corporate job. In general meetings are a huge waste of time. There are rare cases when a quick fire standing meeting will increase productivity or profitability but otherwise if you don’t absolutely have to meet then you must not.

For those of you meeting addicts who are already cringing at the thought of having to give up one of your favorite parts of the day at least check out the following 5 tips to more effective and productive meetings:

When You Meet Matters, a Lot

When you meet makes a huge difference in how productive they are and how much damage they do to the rest of your productivity. Don’t kill the momentum of the sales staff by pulling out phone agents during the busiest hours or rope in managers when they need to be putting out fires. Know your dead zones of the week when productivity is at its lowest and use those.

Know Your Meeting ROI

Meetings cost money. Today small and medium business owners must demand the highest return on investment from everything they do from hiring to investing in new marketing tools and meetings should be no different. Who will be attending the meeting? How much is their time worth and what will the meeting yield in tangible benefits to the top or bottom line? Does the math make sense? If not how can you improve it?

Limit the Scope

Meetings shouldn’t turn into open ended discussions and debates which run on forever and burn man hours. Keep it to 1 to 5 points maximum. That should be plenty to keep everyone busy on new changes and tasks without overloading and causing more breakdowns.

Clarify Desired Outcome & Achieve It

Why is this meeting so essential? Is it to take a vote, delegate critical and time sensitive missions or to come up with a solution to avert a major crisis? Whatever it is. That is the purpose of your meeting. Get it done. Nothing more, nothing less and get back to your money making business.

Stick to an Outline & Schedule

Have a plan for your meeting. If possible send out relevant information to review prior to meeting to streamline the actual meeting time. Begin by laying out the purpose of the meeting and points to be covered, deliver or discuss those items, delegate and create accountability, recap and get everyone to work.


Eliminating unnecessary meetings  will dramatically improve your organization’s productivity and profitability. But for those meetings that are a must, stick to the rules above and your meetings will be more helpful than hurtful to your bottom line. 

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