Clients Needs and the Four Day Work Week

If you are thinking of changing your business schedule to a four day work week, go over the pros and cons for your clients. If there are more cons than a four day work week may not be suitable for your type of business. There is another way you may implement the four day work week into your business. Have half of the employees (or however many are needed) work two weeks five days per week and the other half of the employees work the second half of the month five days per week.

Or you could schedule for half of your employees to work on Friday while the other half of your employees work on Mondays.

Continue to meet with your employees to make sure that the new schedule change is working out for them. Check up on how the clients are reacting to this change with a survey. The clients may not notice that staff is gone, but you want to make sure that the quality of service is still high.

You want to put the needs of your clients first. You do not want to lose clients over this business schedule change.

Another way you to not want to lose clients is due to dropping phone calls or always having a busy signal. You can fix this problem with the VoIP phone system. Your business will love all of the features the VoIP phone system has to offer. Even your employees that are “on the road” will have the same features as those within the office.

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