Calculate Your Cost to Commute

Racing off to the roadways with a half-eaten bagel, putting on your makeup while you try to drive, calling work to let them know you will be a few minutes late because there is a wreck and the highway is a parking lot. ugh!! So, why do so many businesses think that the only way they can mange their employees is if they are sittting in another office down the hall? Well the times they ‘are a changing’. Those were our old rules. With the Internet and the enhanced SaAS software out there for companies to use, employees can work from home and be seamlessly connected to their home office.

How much does it really cost you to commute?

Go to this Commute Calculator and you will see how many thousands of dollars you are spending annually to drive to work. And don’t forget the stress it causes and the cost of that on your health! What about the time you lost sitting in traffic? That’s a cost as well and it’s called Opportunity Cost. This means that the time you spend in your car is opportunity that is lost when you could be doing somehting valuable like: making a sale, running a webinar for potential customer(s), emailing and calling leads, and the list goes on and on!

Take the Leap

Go right into your manager’s office and show him how much money you are going to save by working at home, and how much more productive you can be since you don’t have to drive 30-45 minutes each way to drive to work. With Press8 Telecom, we have all the tools your manager needs to make sure that you are working hard while you are at home including: call recording, call reportinf, IVR, hunt groups, call queues, and more. With our conference call feature, you can setup an instant conference call with your team no matter where they are located and have it recorded for members who couldn’t attend.

So there’s no reason for companies to be afraid of letting their employees telecommute. It is just too easy to manage telecommuters today. With a Press8 Telecom VoIP hosted PBX you can do it!

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