Busy Signals and your Customers

If your customers are getting a busy signal when they call you, then you could have a serious problem.  Businesses today are competing with each other to gain more customers and keep them coming back.  Many businesses thrive on their customer referrals, with their motto being that satisfied customers will refer new customers.  But, again if they are getting a busy signal and cannot reach you, then they will turn to your competitor.

With a VoIP hosted PBX system you many companies offer call queues or hunt groups and auto-expanding lines so that your customers never get a busy signal..  You will always have an open line where your customers can reach you.  If you are extremely busy, for example your customers will be put on hold with pleasant music for a few seconds while waiting to be transferred.  The system is designed to help route your calls in the most efficient way, sending them to the right extension if necessary and making sure that they are helped right away.

It is a great time to switch to VoIP.  Your customers will always be able to reach you and you can expand and grow your business at any time. Make the switch today.

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