Why Your Business Isn’t Too Small for VoIP

Businesses all over the country are switching to VoIP, a form of communication that uses the internet to send packets of encrypted voice data from one point to another. Small businesses run the gamut in America, and a lot are cash-strapped and have odds stuck against them (90 percent of all new small businesses fold within the first year). Because of the volatile position these companies occupy, one may think that VoIP can’t really be the solution for small business communication. In this post, we’ll refute this perception and give you convincing reasons why VoIP is perfect for small businesses.

It’s Expensive, Isn’t It?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that small business owners have when it comes to VoIP services. The truth, however, is entirely different. Your traditional phone bill takes into account the number of minutes you spend on the phone. In addition, your phone plan may come with other additional features that you may not need or use but still have to pay for. VoIP, on the other hand only charges you a flat rate every month, letting you talk to your heart’s content, with the option of opting out of certain features for even bigger savings. If you’re looking to save money as a small business owner, VoIP beats traditional telephony and should be your natural choice.  In addition, VoIP lets you add an almost infinite number of phone lines without paying extra for each since this feature may come bundled in one plan.

Doesn’t VoIP Need a Specialized IT Team?

Another misconception about VoIP is that it needs a team to manage it on a day-to-day basis. This is because people assume the fact that it’s internet based, it must require an IT team which can remedy common problems in a timely manner. In fact, VoIP, given its cloud-based infrastructure may have you getting rid of most of the IT department, leaving one or two people behind for basic maintenance. With VoIP, you won’t need routers in each department or someone to come and unhook tangles of wires to remedy an issue. VoIP is a plug and play service that can be set up and managed by anyone who can follow simple instructions, and maintenance may be as little as disconnecting and reconnecting your internet service.

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