Best Places in the USA to Work

If you are currently seeking employment why not look at some of the best places in the USA to work. If you live in California you may want to work on getting hired at Akraya. Akraya is located in Sunnyvale, CA. The CEO of the company will buy you an ice cream cone when you reach your first achievement. Not only that, but every two weeks a cleaning company comes to your home and cleans it! If you work for Akraya you will be able to work from home and you will get a free gym membership.

If you live in Philadelphia or are looking to transfer to a new area, why not look into the company Azavea. What Azavea does is designs and develops GIS software. The GIS software is then sold to the government, universities and noprofit groups. If you work for Azavea you will be given 10% of your time to do independent research on your interests. This is great as you will learn more skills which in turn will benefit the company. If you work for Azavea you will get paid paternity leave, offered to buy more vacation days with your bonuses and/or your raises. If you are working late you will be given a meal as well.

In St. Louis, Missouri you may want to apply for a job at The Booksource. This is a great place to work if you are into books as they sell discounted books for use in schools. The employees are treated as one big family. If you have a baby you are allowed to bring the baby to work for up to six months. Or you may choose to receive a $50 reimbursement each week to help pay for care. If you are hired at The Bookstore you will have fun with weekly bingo nights, the annual picnic and bowling outings with your work family. The Booksource is always thinking of their employees. When gas prices shot up they gave their employees a $50 gas card.

There are many fantastic places throughout the country that you can work at.

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