Benefits of a VoIP Hosted PBX System for Small Businesses

Small business owners are increasingly turning towards VoIP systems over traditional landlines, which are expensive and difficult to manage. We’ve talked about the benefits of VoIP via a hosted PBX system for small businesses before, but now we’re going to delve into some specific benefits for small business owners. These benefits also apply to any size business, but a small outfit will feel the benefits, like lessened overhead and easier access to freelancers, a little more keenly.

If you have a small business, or if you’re a larger firm thinking about opening a new office somewhere, read on to learn about the benefits a hosted small business PBX can bring you. These benefits range from simple quality-of-life improvements like a cloud-based phone system being able to transfer calls more easily, to facilitating work-from-home initiatives and providing easier coordination with remote workers.

How Does a Cloud-Based Phone System Work?

Much like cloud-based data storage and file-sharing apps such as Dropbox or Google Drive, a cloud-based PBX system for small businesses just uses off-site servers to control and route information to your location. In this case, that information is Voice Over IP call information. You can still configure your small business PBX system from your office, but the physical equipment used to route calls will be off-site. Like any cloud-based phone system, you have to make sure your own network equipment and computers are up to par, but this removes the burden of managing that extra equipment, and can even free up some room in your budget for better on-site equipment, like new PCs for employees, as needed.

A hosted VoIP PBX offers all the ordinary benefits of a VoIP cloud based system, but there are a few benefits that businesses, particularly smaller businesses, can enjoy. Hosted PBX system for small businesses is a great option for companies and organizations of any size, but it’s an even more important upgrade for smaller businesses to make in order to stay competitive.

Benefits of A Hosted PBX For Small Business

Small businesses need to always keep an eye on reducing overhead, and maximizing productivity. Of course, this is also true for companies on up to giants like Google and Walmart, but having a smaller workforce means you have to keep efficiency high in order to compete with those larger companies and to stand out Looking for a powerful hosted VoIP PBX business phone system that’s full of features and easy to use? Then call Press8 Telecom: 800-349-VOIP (8647).

A hosted, cloud-based Private Exchange Branch helps you get the most out of your money by allowing workers to be more efficient, and to go where they’re needed. A PBX system for small businesses also eliminates some costs and can free up physical space in your office, which is often at a premium for small businesses. Because of this, more and more people are switching over to a cloud-based phone system, and it’s easy to see why.

With a hosted PBX system, you can:

● Let your employees work from home, yet still transfer VoIP calls to them as if they were right there in the office.

Easily transfer or route calls to cell phones, whether you’re transferring a call to your personal cell in your pocket, or to an employee on the other side of the world (though they may be upset if you’re interrupting their vacation).

Coordinate multiple offices across town, or around the world, and manage it all with the same phone system. You can even route calls to the appropriate local office, even if you only advertise one phone number. This can be a huge benefit for businesses that plan to open multiple offices, or for service industry folks who want to offer localized services from separate locations.

Enjoy lower overhead. With a hosted PBX, your phone system is off-site and more importantly is managed by professionals. No more fussing with your phone system when it goes down. Hosted PBX keeps you working on what matters, and eliminates some of the hassles of doing business, and does so at a much lower price point than traditional telecoms.

Use more comfortable wireless headsets over traditional phone handsets that aren’t terribly ergonomic or convenient as they keep you tethered to your desk.
Take full advantage of the vibrant and rapidly growing freelance market. Working with freelancers is much easier when you can simply add them to your preexisting phone network, and allow them to take calls just as if they were in the office with you.
Experience less downtime. If your local PBX system goes down, you can’t take calls until it’s repaired. With a hosted solution, your calls will just be routed through a different system, and you’ll have a much smaller window where you can’t take calls.
Leverage IT workers more efficiently. A hosted VoIP PBX system means less work for your IT staff, which means less cost for you, and more time to work on other aspects of the business for them.
Easily manage or modify things like call forwarding, hold music, call blocking, and call screening. You can also handle things like bulk dialing and call analytics from straightforward web interface.
Get all the regular benefits of a PBX like unlimited, free long distance, keeping your local or toll-free number and visual voicemail.

Switching to a Hosted PBX

If you’re thinking about switching to a hosted VoIP PBX, there’s never been a better time to make the transition. Prices are low, even if you add in premium features, and the benefits have never been better. The process is also extremely simple, and, if you find that a hosted solution is not for you, completely reversible.

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