How to Attract the Best Talent

Only the companies which harness the best talent have a chance of staying on top. So how can you attract the best talent for your business?

Your resources may be limited and you may not even be able to offer the biggest salary but don’t let that hold you back. Think about what was important to you when selecting somewhere to work, besides the paycheck. What attracted you to apply to specific employers in the past or what made you feel great about the choices you made?

4 Ways to Attract the Best Talent

1. Company Culture

Company culture isn’t just a fad. Industry is changing, workplace dynamics are changing and employee’s priorities are too. Creating an attractive company culture which shows appreciation, develops a sense of community and belonging, empowers staff to really do their best work and shows the company cares about its crew all comes together to make a firm more attractive to work for.

Besides workplace design and creating a friendlier working environment this means developing initiatives which really get employees and their families involved in your corporate community. This could include company picnics, retreats and educational programs.

Showing you care about work/ life balance is not just attractive to prospective hires but can do wonders for increased productivity and fueling innovation too. Think flexible time off and developing health and fitness programs. Some bosses will be glad to know that this all doesn’t mean you have to be a big softy when it comes to management. Employees actually want some structure and accountability, providing they are truly empowered to do great work and have the tools to complete their jobs.

2. Be a Great Leader

Employees want to work for and be aligned with great leaders. They feel that this wil enable them to be a part of a successful organization and rub off on their own careers. Interestingly enough this is often about PR, not any proven achievements, making it easy for young entrepreneurs and new startups to attract the best talent providing they can master this.

More than the strength of your organization, attracting the best is frequently about personal branding. Business profiles and notable mentions make some business owners who others want to work for and learn from. Your current team is also the perfect voice for spreading your personal brand via word of mouth. In the past we have often seen ‘celebrity’ used to fuel hiring. Athletes sporting Super Bowl rings or having held major boxing titles have launched many businesses and products and have no doubt had long lines of applicants dying to work with them, even if in reality the ‘star’ has no clue about how to run a business in the new industry.

Who wouldn’t want to work for the Kardasian sisters’ Dash retail store or any other brand they launch, even if they weren’t experienced entrepreneurs? Work on building your personal brand and celebrity. In the meantime make up for your lack of limelight with charisma and confidence.

3. Positioning

Just as a business owner’s personal brand can make a huge difference in recruiting the best talent so can positioning the company and raising brand visibility in the media. How do we know about Google as a workplace? Perhaps you have heard how some companies are allowing employees a month off of work a year or how tech firm 37 Signals has been offering employees unlimited time off. Others boast winning awards as ‘Best Company to Work for’. This is all PR and positioning. You too can use social media, video marketing and press releases to gain more visibility and increase demand as an employer the best talent will want to work for.

4. Make Them a Part of Something Bigger

The best candidates in your field aren’t usually just looking for a paycheck. If they are good, they can find that anywhere. They want to be a part of something bigger. Yes, they should have the opportunity to share the wealth if they can perform but being able to be a part of an enterprise which is soon to lead the industry or at least dominate the local market, change the way the entire industry does things or who’s fame will rub off on them and rocket their celebrity is far more attractive. That gives them pride in being able to brag about where they work and fulfills the natural desire to leave some type of legacy. How can you sell them that you are going to be the next Facebook?

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