The Advantages of VoIP Systems During Hurricanes and Other Emergency Scenarios

Hurricane season is upon us once again, and there are bound to be times when your business systems fail due to extreme winds taking out the power as well as the telephone and communication systems. Businesses all over the country rely heavily on their phone systems to communicate with current customers as well as market and reach out to new and potential clients. Over the last couple of decades, not much has changed when it comes to traditional copper-wire based phone systems.

Why Traditional Phone Companies Aren’t a Good Idea

Phone companies rely on the passage of voice data via copper wires which can be vulnerable to weather changes or a physical malfunction. A small cut in the telephone wire infrastructure has the potential to affect whole counties and even cities, putting small business owners and large corporations in jeopardy until these cuts are fixed. In the event that there’s a hurricane system moving inland, you’re not likely to have your service back up for a couple of days. To begin with, if your business is in the path of a hurricane, you may not be granted access to your premises on order of the authorities. If you had physical communication systems like most businesses, you wouldn’t be able to access them if they’re on your premises. However, if you had a hosted PBX phone system, all you have to do is click on a browser, or run an app, and activate your VoIP phones from a remote location.

The Beauty of VoIP Phones

VoIP phones rely on internet connectivity to transmit packets of voice data from one location to another. This is a relatively new technology which was adopted at the turn of the millennium. Since then, it has attracted the attention of corporations and small businesses that are looking for a solution that provides them with reliable voice systems as well as something that’s both portable and versatile.

With VoIP phone systems of hosted PBX systems, your whole telephonic infrastructure is decentralized and housed in the cloud or remote servers. You’re provided with special phones that rely on the internet to make calls. These phones are also portable and have battery backup systems that last for up to a full day. This way, you’ll always be online and able to receive calls as you wait for the worst of the storms to die out. And any internet connection or WiFi will give you access to use your phone system.


VoIP phone systems also provide you with a special functionality that lets you receive voicemail messages via email, and some even make it possible for you to have conference calls with more than 50 people if you so wish. This way, you never miss out on important client messages or company updates, regardless of the weather outside. In addition, these systems can be activated using a dedicated app on a mobile or tablet, making controlling them a breeze.

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