5 VoIP Phone System Features Your Business Needs

VoIP business phone systems now have an amazing array of features that were considered “futuristic” just a few years ago. And that list is growing daily. So how are you supposed to know which features are vital to your business? Here is a list of some of the main features that you should always have in a VoIP business phone system.

Auto-Attendant Feature

It’s the one sound you never want your customers and clients to hear—a busy signal. Second to that is a receptionist answering your company’s name followed by, “Please hold.”

The answer is simple: an auto-attendant.

An auto-attendant ensures that your company’s calls always receive a response, whether after hours or when employees are on other calls. Even small businesses and startups can benefit from an auto attendant. Your calls are always professionally answered, no matter what’s happening in or out of your office.

The auto-attendant prompts the caller to choose who they want to talk to, leave a message if they’d like, or listen to pre-recorded messages that can give them immediate help without trying to reach someone. Calls can be seamlessly routed to the right person quickly through voice prompts, whether in the office or working remotely.

Auto-attendants also save since your company won’t need to hire a receptionist (or a second one.) Because your calls get answered 24/7, your customers can leave messages and access information on their schedules.

On-Hold Engagement Feature

Callers on hold are inevitable. While callers are on hold, they can wait and listen to:

  1. Dead air (silence)
  2. Music
  3. Music with messages

Your callers form an opinion of your company within the first six seconds. On-hold callers subjected to silence have no idea if they are still connected. Most hang up within 30 or 40 seconds.

Music tells the caller that they are still connected and waiting in a queue. But music with custom messages talks directly to them and lets them know more about your company while they wait.

On-hold music and messages can tell your customers about:

  • Company info such as business hours, location, etc.
  • Answers to other frequently asked questions
  • Your company’s mission and culture
  • Finding additional information on your website
  • Company-related tips and advice
  • Other products and services they don’t yet know about
  • New products and services that have just arrived or are coming soon
  • Signing up for your email list, where they can find specials and news
  • Engaging on your social media pages, where they can follow, leave reviews, ask questions, and learn about new offerings
  • Seasonal messages, such as holiday hours

Even though they’re on hold, your company can engage with callers before they speak to someone.

Call Forwarding Feature

Also called “find me/follow me,” call forwarding helps your customers talk to you or your team quickly and easily.

When activated, you can send the calls made to your main business number or any individual extensions automatically forward to another number, such as:

  • Your cell phone
  • A co-worker’s number
  • An assistant’s number
  • Any desk or home number

Also called “find me/follow me,” call forwarding helps your customers talk to you or your team quickly and easily.

You can also configure your call forwarding to continue to ring phones in sequence rather than send them to voicemail. For instance, if you don’t answer your cell phone, then the call transfers to the next person to be answered. The transfer happens quickly, so the caller won’t know that their call diverts to a different number.

Voicemail to Email Phone System Feature

Voicemail is an essential business function for keeping in touch with customers and clients. However, it does have a downside.

If you’ve ever gone somewhere and returned to multiple voicemails, you know how time-consuming it is to listen to every one of them. Solution: send them to email and read them.

Most people check their emails frequently and don’t want to sit and listen to several voicemails. Transcription into text allows you to read a text version of the email without listening to them individually.

The system can also send voicemail recordings via email in .wav files for those who, for whatever reason, miss the voicemail on their phone.

Additionally, many VoIP providers now offer Voicemail to Text Transcription services that will transcribe your voicemail and send it to you in an email. This feature is particularly helpful when you don’t have time to listen to a voicemail.

Conference Bridge Number Feature

There are two types of conference calls. The first is one where up to three callers can join on a telephone call for a meeting. A wide range of services are available for conference calling with various services. Most have limits on how many people can join at one time or on the call’s duration.

A conference bridge number joins an unlimited number of callers into a conference. You can set it up quickly and use it as long as you like. The service includes a phone number and PINs for users, admins, and hosts. Team members can call in from anywhere to join and participate in meetings.

Employees can use their desktop phone, a softphone, or a smartphone app to participate in the meeting.

Bonus: Cloud-Based Phone System Service

A VoIP-hosted PBX phone system can lower operating costs while keeping you and your customers in touch. We offer a range of products and services to help your company stay competitive and continue to give your customers good service.

Contact Press 8 Telecom today to find out more about how we can help your employees work anywhere, anytime. We’ll give you a free quote on the system that’s just right for your company.

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