4 Reasons Businesses Love SIP Trunking

Still paying off your analog PBX but want to enjoy the benefits of VOIP? No problem! Established businesses that already have PBX hardware and are looking for innovative ways to save hundreds of dollars each month might want to look at SIP trunking. SIP trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). SIP trunks use the Internet to connect calls, often reducing the cost of long distance calling up to 60% from a traditional phone service.

Many companies are under the impression that they have to change their whole PBX system to enjoy the benefits of VoIP. This is just not true. With SIP trunking an Internet ‘trunk’ is used to route your calls by converting the analog data to digital in order to transport it over the Internet. SIP trunks are very easy to setup through a VoIP provider, and there is no need to change out your existing PBX.

Here are four BIG reasons why businesses love SIP trunking:

With SIP trunking, all inbound and outbound calls are sent over the Internet giving the company low-cost if not unlimited Internet calling. This savings can make a huge difference on a business phone bill each month, especially if it is doing a lot of long distance calling.

SIP trunks do more than provide cheap long distance calls. SIP trunks also reduce the price of international calls as well. Many providers offer unlimited calling to a list of international countries. Even if the provider does not offer unlimited international calling, it will often offer calling rates at a few pennies a minute.

SIP trunks are perfect for companies with a large number of extensions with a relatively low volume of concurrent external calls, because businesses can buy SIP trunks based on the number of concurrent external calls rather than subscribe for hosted VoIP extensions for each employee. For instance, if a company has 20 employees and subscribes with a hosted VoIP PBX provider for $19/month per extension, even though the company only experiences 5 concurrent calls at any given time, that company is going to spend about $380 each month since they are paying for each extension.

If a company has 20 employees and only expects a maximum of 5 concurrent calls at any one time, they only have to pay for 5 SIP trunks. If the SIP trunk is $15/month per trunk, this means that the company only pays $75 each month. That’s a monthly difference of $305!

With SIP trunking there is no hardware or equipment to maintain. Your VoIP PBX provider has all the equipment in their data center and all you have to do is connect your phone system to the Internet. It’s that easy! Plus you are not adding anymore overhead to your IT department since the SIP hardware and software is maintained by the provider.

  1. Unlimited Long Distance

  2. Cheap International Calling

  3. Pay for Lines, Not Extensions

  4. Easy Setup and No Maintenance Required

The bottom line: SIP trunks make it easy for new businesses and established businesses to save money each year without having to switch over to a new PBX system.

If you are interested in hearing more about SIP Trunking contact: Press8 Telecom.

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