3 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

Salespeople form the core of any sales company. It thus means that you as the leader or company CEO should do everything in your power to make sure that they are properly motivated so your employees can reach their targets over and over again. A lot of sales CEOs make the mistake of thinking that financial rewards work for everyone when it comes to motivation; the truth is, because people are different with regard to aspirations and personality, one person is going to respond to an incentive differently from their colleague. In this post, we’ll take a look at a few creative ways that you can implement to motivate sales people in your company, regardless of their aspirations or personalities.

Give Positive Feedback Immediately and Be Specific

The human mind has a very limited memory. In addition, reactions such as happiness or the feeling of accomplishment last at the very most, a couple of days. If a salesperson reaches their target as way before time or closes an account with unmatched flair and panache, you should do your best to make sure that they are congratulated and celebrated the minute it happens.

This reinforces their behavior, making it more likely to reach these targets next time. In addition, practice saying what you have to say beforehand and make sure to be specific in order to adapt the feedback to the person and make more personable and clear. Mention a few things about their previous performance as well as individual traits that may have made them be successful for that particular sale. This way, you’ll leave a lasting impression and make avoid ambiguity with most, if not all of your salespeople

Give a Top Performing Salesperson the Privilege of Being a Leader

The opportunity of becoming a leader for a week can boost a salesperson’s morale and make them want to maintain their successful run so they can get to play leader again. When a salesperson reaches a target and surpasses it, give them a customized crown with their name on it as well as a certain title and benefits that can only belong to them for a certain period of time. This will inspire respect among the worker’s peers as well as healthy competition which ultimately leads to a boost in performance across the board.

Add an Element of Fun and Comfort to the Offices

Google is known for its legendary colorful offices which feature massive beanbags and Ping-Pong tables for its workers. This, contrary to popular opinion, makes workers perform even better since creature comforts open up salespeople, making them more likely to use creative techniques while trying to make cold calls or following up on a client. In addition, consider starting yoga, massage, singing or drinks on the house sessions to worker schedules to help take the edge off their grueling schedules. That said, make sure to offer these creature comforts according to merit or performance to inculcate a sense of fairness as well as the perception of aspiration within the salespeople community.


These tips, along with listening closely to what your workers want and including their feedback and recommendations into incentive programs call go a long way in ensuring salespeople are kept on their toes as far as motivation is concerned.

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