10 Ways to Grow Your Business with a VoIP Hosted PBX

Ready to give your business a swift boost? You might be surprised at how much a VoIP hosted PBX solution could do to crank up productivity, increase flexibility, slash expenses and lift profit margins.

Here are just some of the ways some of the many features of hosted PBX can benefit your organization whether you are a solo entrepreneur with a hot new startup or international corporation keen to maintain the edge.

1. Call Reporting

Online access to call reporting and call details enables CEOs and managers to see what is going on from anywhere at any time. It provides the ability to see how many calls are coming in or not, who is calling and how long prospects are on the phone with your team members. This provides critical insight to ensure marketing vendors are doing their job, the ability to make changes to advertising on the fly to maximize ROI and assess employee performance and identify where changes in scripts may need to be made.

2. Intelligent Call Queues

Intelligent call queues and advanced routing using your hosted PBX maximizes efficiency, ensures better customer service and can help to maximize profit margins. Flexible routing solutions mean being able to route calls based on skills, time of day, day of week, by percentage of calls to ensure none go unanswered, as well as providing emergency routing to guarantee business continuity even in the worst disasters.

3. Conference Bridges

Utilizing this feature and the DID phone number conference calls can be organized on the fly regardless of where participants are. At the same time advanced features included with your hosted PBX service enable professional reminder calls or the ability to push out emails with pin numbers to any number of attendees to ensure maximum participation.

4. Voicemail to Text

With so many professionals laser focused on eliminating distractions and increasing productivity voicemail to text means being able to receive critical messages while weeding out the junk on the fly, as well as better empowering assistants to filter messages.

5. Hunt Groups

Various hunt group arrangements can be used to set up the ideal call routing system for your organization and make sure calls aren’t missed, even on the go.

6. On-Hold Messages

Instead of being restricted to irritating on-hold music hosted PBX makes it easy to customize targeted on-hold messages that can upsell for you and increase per-customer revenues automatically.

7. Call Recording

Call recording can act as critical defense against malicious lawsuits as well as enabling managers to better assess and evaluate employee performance, tweak scripting, pricing and processes as well as providing a great, cost effective training tool.

8. Smartphones Apps

Robust iPhone and Android apps combine with hosted PBX to increase mobility and privacy. Use your app to make calls on the go while using your business phone number on caller ID and take calls while you are out of the office without giving out personal numbers.

9. Auto Attendants

Automated phone attendants help businesses save on additional secretarial staff while funneling callers to the best equipped team member to handle their needs quickly.

10. Record Conference Calls

The ability to record conference calls brings massive value to all organizations. Record them to fill in those that couldn’t make it, to convert into webinars for marketing and sales, have them turned into podcasts or have transcripts converted into all types of text content from blogs to articles for improving SEO and driving web traffic.

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