10 Tips to Boost Your Sales Now

Every business falls into a sales slump. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait it out. Here are ten proven methods for boosting your sales and shaking off that slump.

1) Focus on Your Customers

Start by getting in touch with your customers and asking them questions about your product or service. By asking your customers and potential customers what they like and dislike about your business specifically as well as about your industry in general, you will be better prepared to give them what they want. You can also use that information to make all of your advertising more effective.

2) Referral Program

A time-honored favorite: offer a discount to customers and employees for referring new clients to your business.

3) Keyword Tweaking

In order for clients to buy your product, they have to be able to find you. And to find you on the Internet, they find you through Google and keywords. Ask your customers what keywords they used to find you, and refine your web content accordingly.

4) Reconnect with your Sales Staff

Meet with each member of your sales staff, and get into each salesperson’s head. Every salesperson is different, with different needs, commitments, motivators, etc. Use this information to develop a motivation improvement plan for each individual salesperson.

5) Simplify

Simplify all your customer-related processes to make them more comfortable doing business with you. For example, you can use a CRM software suite to improve customer service. The improvement in their experience will generate word-of-mouth and more sales.

6) New Hires

Hire new sales staff to fill in any gaps in your sales team. The key is to have a team with skills that complement each other.

7) Try out Cloud Computing

Try out online tools like Google Docs that compute in the cloud to reduce your overhead expenses. VoIp hosted PBX systems are phone systems in the cloud and help sales staff stay in touch with their customers while on the road.

8) Direct-Mail Program

Another time-honored favorite is Direct Mail. Start by purchasing a targeted mailing list that includes your best prospective customers. Then create a series of mailing pieces to persuade recipients to do business with you, and send the pieces out according to a mailing schedule.

9) Testimonials

Collect testimonials from current customers and display them on all sales materials and online.

10) Improve your Follow-Up

Studies say that customers actually have to be contacted, or “touched” seven times before they feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. Keep in front of your prospects with mail, phone calls or opt-in email. Be friendly and persistent. By improving your follow-up, you can increase sales from your current stream of prospects.

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