10 Reasons Your Company Needs a Fax to Email Service

If you still send and receive faxes the old-fashioned way with a fax machine over an analog phone line, it is probably because are not familiar with fax to email (or internet fax). With fax to email your faxes are sent and received over the internet.

How Fax to Email (Internet Fax) Works

To send a fax just go to the web portal given to you by your service provider and choose the file you want to fax from your computer, input the fax number, and the fax is sent. When you receive a fax, it is routed by your service provider to any email address that you specify on your account. This can be a shared company email address or an individual’s email address – it’s up to you. Then you can save your emails to read later or print them out and delete them.

With internet fax you get all the same features you would with a normal fax machine, including a real local or toll-free fax number which acts exactly the same as a fax hooked up to a normal landline would – the fax machine on the other side, whether online or standard, can’t tell the difference.

How to Switch to Internet Fax

Switching to internet fax is easy. Your provider will ‘port’ your number for you and you’ll never miss a fax during the transition. Your faxes will simply stop going to your fax machine and start going to your email when your number ports.

Here the Top 10 Reasons Why Companies are Dumping their Fax Machines for Internet Fax:

  1. You’re Never Tied to a Fax Machine
    With internet fax you can send and receive faxes from your computer anywhere there is an internet connection. You can even send faxes from your PDA or Smartphone!
  2. Lower Cost of Ownership
    No need to keep paying to maintain your fax machine or keep buying ink/toner or fax paper for your fax machine. And any SPAM faxes you get you can just delete instead of them going directly to your fax machine where they are printed. You can even cancel that analog phone line you use solely for your fax machine.
  3. Professional and Reliable
    When you go with internet fax you are running your faxes over the internet which means you don’t have to worry about missing a fax because your fax machine has run out of paper or is broken. The internet is always on.
  4. Internet Faxing is Green
    With internet fax, you only print what you really need printed. No more wasted paper from junk faxes and you can easily keep a digital archive of all transmissions you want to save. According to GreenFax, government research has shown that fax machines consume 200 billion pages of paper each year in the United States alone. If just five percent of this were done paperless, it could save up to 1 million trees a year.
  5. Internet Fax Numbers are Never Busy
    If your company has one dedicated fax number, then you know how frustrating it can be to people trying to send you a fax when they keep getting a busy signal.  With fax to email you can have multiple faxes sent to you simultaneously without ever worrying about faxes getting lost, not going through or having to purchase a second line.
  6. Mobile text alerts
    Always on the go, but you still can’t bear to leave your office because you need to know when that all-important fax will come in? With some services, you can type in your mobile phone number into your fax-to-email account, and it will alert you through a text message of when you have received a new fax message.
  7. Use Your Same Fax Number When You Switch to Fax to Email
    When you switch to a fax to email service your provider will ‘port’ your number for you. That way, you’ll never have to update your clients on what your new fax number is and you’ll never miss a fax.
  8. One-to-Many Faxing
    Do you have a large list of contacts you want to send one fax to? With fax to email you can send the same fax to multiple fax numbers simultaneously with just a few key clicks of your mouse.
  9. No Special Software to Download
    When signing up for these services, you’ll never need to buy or download any kind of software. All the software is cloud based and can be used anywhere you have access to an internet connection and a browser.
  10. Encrypted for Security
    With any fax to email service, the faxes you send out are encrypted. Each service has its own unique security features, but they’re all designed to for one thing: To make sure your faxes go through to the sender without any risk of them being read by another party.
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