Save $$ On Your Phone Bill

We make sure that the phone bill does not burden your pocket. By switching to a VoIP business phone system, you can save up to 60% on your monthly phone bill.

Keep Your Phone Numbers

When you switch to Press8, we will immediately start porting your current phone numbers for you. In addition, we will set you up with your own concierge who will set up all your users, calling trees, and features for you.

Custom Setup & Training

In addition, once you are a new Press8 customer, we will assign a setup specialist for you. They will set up a VoIP PBX system for your small business, and make the process an easy one.

Enterprise Features

Press8 Telecom offers over 50 free enterprise features to boost your small business. Thus, they can finally compete with the giants of the industry.

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Unlimited Scalability

It is not only your business that needs scaling, but rather your phone as well. With Press8, you can add or remove features or users quickly and easily.

No Busy Signals

Are you tired of losing customers because they keep getting a busy signal? At Press8 we offer Auto-Expanding Lines, which means your callers never get a busy signal.

Experience the Press8 Phone System Advantage

Never miss another business call
with a Press8 Telecom VoIP
business phone system.

Press8 Telecom is Better

  • VoIP Phone System Experts
  • Award Winning Customer Support
  • More Powerful Features
  • Custom Setup and Maintenance
Press8 business phone system

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Save money and become more productive with Press8 Telecom.

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